It's like there has never been a problem
You make me dance like a fool
You´re better then the best I´m lucky just to linger in your life Cooler then the flip side of my pillow that´s right Completely unaware Nothing can compare to where you send me Lets me know that it´s ok yeah it´s ok And the moments when my good times start to fade You make me smile like the sun Fall out of bed Sing like a bird Dizzy in my head Spin like a record Crazy on a Sunday night You make me dance like a fool Forget how to breathe Shine like gold Buzz like a bee Just the thought of you can drive me wild Ohh you make me smile Uncle Kracker - Smile

I ♥ U SweatHoney!

Godaften VennerBlogosphere!  x)

I'm in a bit of a shock right now ._. MY CAMERA HAS BEEN SOLD TO SOMEONE ELSE Q___Q!!! So i'm looking around for another good offer =3= ~ buh

what's my weekend been like? as expected very serene :3
i spent most sat. in front of the computer %D in the evening we (meaning Line, Mie, her bf Magnus and me) played cricket in the garden (i pretty much suck @ it) and played the board game 'Partners' - this one i actually like, so i'm not gonna complain again xD

random fact - did you know some people deep fry mars bars?! <~ link %D! like what the hell O_O it's a freakin' CHOCOLATE BAR - do your rly need more calories with that?! not saying i'm not a bit curious about the taste...

today we went swimming at a indoor swimming pool =D it was a rather small one, so there weren't too many people~

i had a lot of fun <3

in the evening i went jogging and i just had to take a snapshot of this

and yeeesss i'm finally uploading PICTURES! i've also put a link in the menu where i'll put every foto from my entries :D
also there are some pics i promised before like the shoe i saw while jogging or the map charlotte & nina drew for me ;3 check it out! (click  for full resolution)

Up where they walk, up where they run
Up where they stay all day in the sun
Wanderin' free - wish I could be
Part of that world

oh and here's a pic of myself i took because i was having a good hair day <3 yes, it's a girl thing, my dear male friends

aaaaahhhh no make up!!!!

I have no idea of how i ended up writing this whole entry in english - aber was solls! %D

hoffe ihr träumt grad alle was schönes :3


6.9.10 00:27

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The Bro (6.9.10 13:30)
das mit dem mars.. ICH ECHT RICHTIG EKELIG Q__Q bro, wie kannst du sowas onstellen!? ich hätt' mich am liebsten übergeben, GRAH! ICH KÖNNTE AUSRASTEN Ö_Ö TANTRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! *mars riegel zerreiß*

Sebo (8.9.10 19:32)
Heyo Katie ^.^
Nice pics :D but ones missing..
WHERE is the stone that tried to assassinate you a few times? Need to know what it looks like so that I can kick his damn stoney butt when were roadtripping to our Holste-bro ;-)
Miis ya *cyberhug*

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